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Easy Apply is a multi-faceted solution for taking applications from your future employees. Allow your future employees to apply via a kiosk (PC) in your store or restaurant, or use our Job Portal for an easy to use web based solution. Whichever solution you choose, all applicants are stored in Easy Apply for your later retrieval.

Customize your setup to turn features on or off for the benefits of a custom program without the cost. See the below list for a complete list of all available features.

Feature Description

Job Portal (Web) Kiosk Version Back-Office

Secure Login (128-Bit SSL Encryption)

Ability to retrieve lost userid / password

Obtain Electronic Authorization to verify applicant's Information

Multiple Company Ready with Separate Logos for each

Multiple Location Ready

Unlimited Job Openings with job descriptions (tasks to be performed)

Unlimited Job Applicants

Easy sorting of applicants by company / location / job opening

Ability to purge old applications

Write letters or emails to applicants and keep them as part of applicant's file

Track Interviewer Results

Build Evaluation Codes to rate each applicant on

Build Position Rating Criteria to assist you in determining the best applicant for your job

Customize the hiring statements as part of obtaining electronic approval for applicant verification

Build master questions based upon Attitudes / Work Experience / Physiological / General / Other

Select from your master list of questions for each job openings

Maintain letter templates for performing mail merge functions while corresponding with each applicant

Maintain Division / Department / Locations to help sort applicants

Setup unlimited # of users with special security access authorizations

Graphical See where each applicant lives in relation to the location they are applying to

See graphs showing the total # of applicants at each location (Submitted / Under Review)

Set appointments and track who is performing the interview (Unlimited Users)

Store / View Applicant Resumes

Track Applicant Military Experience

Track Applicant Job History

Track Applicant Personal References

Track Applicant Education

Track Applicant Criminal History

Track Applicant Answers to Questions

Applicant On-Boarding (Applicants can see when they have appointments and download handbooks or other information as needed upon being hired)



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